Preschool & Family Storytimes

My library offers storytimes two mornings a week at the library for ages 3-5 (preschool) and their caregivers. During the summer we expand the age of the storytime audience to ages 3-7 (family). Siblings are welcome.

My storytimes are play-based early literacy programs which last about one hour. Stories, songs, rhymes, and movement are intentionally chosen to strengthen the six early literacy skills: phonological awareness, letter knowledge, narrative skills, vocabulary, print motivation and print awareness. We sing, read, play, talk, and write to build those skills, modeling practices families can repeat at home. I incorporate STEAM elements into my program plans because it helps engage a variety of kids, is important for encouraging future scientists, engineers, artists and developers, and because I am passionate about science. I use both traditional and new media in my programs, with special emphasis on joint media engagement. With all types of media I regularly explain why I chose a particular book, app, felt board story or toy (shaker, puppet, parachute, scarf) and how it connects to early literacy and childhood development.

Here are some of the themes I have used in storytime that are highlighted in blog posts.

Preschool Storytimes and Family Storytimes:
App-ily Ever After Digital Storytime: Animals
Back to School
Berries and Jam
Books with Rhythm
Bunnies (Easter)
Farm Animals
Fall & Moose
Fiber Arts
The Dark
Friends (Valentine’s Day)
Hannukah and Christmas
Happy Unbirthday!
Independence Day
In the Jungle
I am Thankful
Making Something Out of Nothing
Monster Mayhem
Mother’s Day
My Body
Our Five Senses
Rhythms & Sounds
Sharks Under the Sea
Sound & Music
Splish, Splash, Water!
Spring Cleaning
Taste & Smell
Things That Go! Go! Go!
Under the Sea, Matey!
Weather, part 1
Weather, part 2

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