Media Mentorship

Children’s Librarians = Media Mentors

Do you support the literacy needs of your community’s families?
Do you evaluate, curate, recommend and provide access to materials in a variety of formats?
Are you well-versed in the technology and tools that families are using so you can help them navigate the newest media?
Do you incorporate the right media for the right job in library programs, including storytime?
Do you ask “which tool is best to help kids grow as readers and become lifelong learners?”
Do you include new media in library programs to not only provide access to digital media but  also provide the know-how families need to use the media positively?

Congratulations! You’re a media mentor! Check out these resources which support your work as a children’s librarian and media mentor. Feel free to search this blog for related topics using the term media mentorship.

Image of Young Children, New Media and Libraries Survey Results

Young Children, New Media and Libraries Survey Results (Source:

Books, Articles, Reports and Videos (alphabetical)

Review Sources

Children’s Technology Review An excellent review site for apps and all kinds of digital tools for children and teens. Paid subscription also includes regular digital newsletters with valuable content.
Madison Public Library’s App Finder A collection of apps for kids reviewed by librarian Carissa Christner.
Common Sense Media Kid App Reviews Free review site featuring media of all sorts.
School Library Journal App Reviews Traditional review site, that includes a variety of media for children and teens, well-known to librarians.
Horn Book App Review of the Week Another traditional review site with specific app reviews in addition to their respected book reviews.
Little eLit Digital media field tested by librarians working with young children. (archived)
Digital Storytime Story (or book) app reviews by Carisa Kluver.

Evaluating Digital Media

Evaluating Apps and New Media for Young Children: A Rubric This is my rubric for reviewing apps, devices and other new media, particularly for use with young children.

KIDMAP DIG Diversity and Inclusion Checklist This is a checklist I developed with KIDMAP for evaluating digital media for kids. It emphasizes diversity and inclusion, but also includes other elements of high quality media.

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