Apps: Summer Favorites

As promised, here are some of my new favorite apps that tie in nicely with our summer reading program this year. I have another list of iOS favorites you might want to check out here. You should also check out Little eLit Pinterest app boards or Digital Storytime for more ideas. To find out how I evaluate apps and new media for use with kids, read more about my criteria.

Know of any apps that should go on this list? Let me know!

4-8 years

Story Apps
Alphabet of Insects
Red in Bed (and Google Play)
So Many Stars-Andy Warhol
Barefoot World Atlas
Jr. Astronaut-Breaking Through the Space Barrier
The Mud Monster
Finn’s Paper Hat

Toy Apps
Toca Town (also Google Play and Kindle)
Pettson’s Inventions
Plants by Tinybop
How it Works: Machines by Geek Kids
Laurie Berkner’s Sing and Send
MOMA Art Lab

FIFA World Cup (also Google Play It is soccer season after all! Kids, teens and adults can track stats, learn about players, and follow specific teams/countries.)
Minecraft Pocket Edition (also Google Play)
Monster Physics
Barefoot World Atlas
Tynker- Learn Programming With Visual Code Blocks
The Elements: A Visual Exploration
Jr. Astronaut- Breaking Through the Space Barrier


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