Song Cube

I love my song cube. Lots of librarians use them and I got the idea awhile back from Anne Hicks over at Anne’s Library Life. The idea is to have kids roll the cube and help select the song(s) we sing which immediately engages them in storytime.

The empty tissue box is covered in bulletin board paper and then clipart is attached to each side. Like Anne, I covered the whole box in book tape after adding the images to lengthen its lifespan. The clipart on each side is an image that symbolizes a song, just as letters, numbers and words are symbols. The name of the song is included below each image.

Once a child rolls the cube, I hold up the cube so everyone can see the image that ended up on top. Then I point to the image and ask if anyone knows a song about a (spider). We read the name of the song together and I mention to parents the importance of print awareness. Then it’s time to sing! I usually have two children roll the cube at the beginning of storytime as families are arriving. If we need a song/movement break in between stories, I’ll have another child roll the cube.


The songs I include on my current song cube are:
If You’re Happy And You Know it
Open Shut Them
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ring Around The Rosie
ABC Song
Ants Go Marching


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