Toddler: Friends (Valentine’s Day)

These toddlers were ready to move today! And not just move, but run around in circles! We kept it moving, and all of the adults seemed ready for the unstructured, post-storytime play and socialize time. We must have worn them out because thekids played so intently and quietly you could actually hear the adults’ voices over their usually loud antics. Go figure!

Welcome Song: Hello Everybody

Song: The More We Get Together
Oh, the more we get together,
Together, together,
Oh, the more we get together,
The happier we’ll be.

For your friends are my friends,
And my friends are your friends.
Oh, the more we get together,
The happier we’ll be!

Pepo and LoloBook: Pepo and Lolo are Friends
by Ana Martin Larranaga

I don’t usually read two books during the this half hour storytime, but this one is sweet and quick. The kids easily connected with the pig and chick and all of their antics. We even had a conversation about other books that feature friends and a pig. What’s your favorite?

Toddler Yoga Break: Tall as a Tree

 Song: If You’re Ready for a Story
…blow me a kiss!
…sit down please

Owen K HenkesBook: Owen
by Kevin Henkes

My son’s name is Owen and I first read this book when it was gifted to us years ago. I love Owen’s confidence and his parents’ creativity and love. The repeated text keeps the story centered and kids can relate, often too easily, to Owen’s blanket love.

Movement: Bubbles

Heart FeltSong: Hearts and Kisses (with ASL sign for heart and kiss)
1 little, 2 little, 3 little hearts
4 little, 5 little, 6 little hearts
7 little, 8 little, 9 little hearts
10 little hearts and a kiss, muuah!
Credit: Jbrary (and Sur La Lune Storytime)

Song: Skidamarink
Skidamarink a dinka dink. (Put right elbow in left hand and wiggle  fingers)
Skidamarink a doo. (Put left elbow in right hand and wiggle fingers)
I love you. (Point to eyes, hug yourself, and point to others)
I love you in the morning. (Make a big circle over head  like the sun)
And in the afternoon. (Hold arms in circle out in front of you)
I love you in the evening. (Move arms in circle down)
And underneath the moon. (Release arms and make another big circle over head)
Skidamarink a dinka dink. (Repeat actions)
Skidamarink a doo.
I love you. (with ASL sign)

Goodbye Rhyme: Wave Hi, Wave Low


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