Book review: iPads in the Library by Joel Nichols

I spend alot of time talking, dreaming, and designing with the librarians over at Little eLit. I also occasionally write posts for the Little eLit blog about kids and digital media. Here is an excerpt from a recent review I wrote about Joel Nichols’ new book, iPads in the Library: Using Tablet Technology to Enhance Programs for All Ages (Libraries Unlimited, 2013).

For librarians looking to integrate iPads and apps (also known as new media) into their library’s programming, there are no how-to guides. Most librarians getting started with iPads scour blog posts, presentations, and listserv comments, or rely on word of mouth for advice. Many librarians are forced to “reinvent the wheel” over and over again or decide to postpone their tablet-inclusive plans, not knowing where to start.
With the publication of his recent book, iPads in the Library, Joel Nichols is filling the void.

Want to read more? Check out the full review.


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