Poetry Month

April is poetry month! For the next several weeks, I’ll be featuring the work of well-known and unpublished poets in storytime and as part of a prominent display in the children’s library. I am also including some of the fiction in verse that is popping up these days. I’m currently reading May B. : A Novel by Caroline Starr Rose (Schwartz & Wade, 2012) in honor of poetry month.May-B

What’s great about poetry books for kids is that they have beautiful covers, for the most part, and once they are dug out from the 800s in the non-fiction stacks and put on display, they are whisked away in the hands of potential readers. When the cover is opened and the words are read aloud, the magic of poetry gets families hooked.

Last year, I cam across Greg Pinkus’ site, GottaBook, that features great kids lit year round and 30 Poets/30 Days in April for Poetry Month. I found some fabulous poetry for storytime there. One that worked well for our little hamlet by the sea, was the concrete poem Sea Star by Liz Brownlee. The visual and the topic were just right for our little ones.

song for the water boatmanA beautiful book I shared this week during a visit to a local childcare center is the Caldecott Honor Book, Song of the Water Boatman by Joyce Sidman and Beckie Prange (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2005). I read aloud the poem Spring Splashdown with the pages faced toward me and had the kids use their imagination to help them guess what animal the poem was about.

What are your favorite poetry for kids books, authors, or websites?


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