Summer Reading Program 2013: part 1

Despite today’s snow and cold temperatures, summer is on its way. How do I know? My summer reading program planning is well underway! Local schools finish up in two months and we’ll be ready to share some summer fun!

New pieces we have in store for the program (so far):

Maker Mondays: Each Monday we’ll feature an opportunity for kids and teens, ages 9 and up, to create. Programs will include low tech and high tech options. On any given Monday you might see us creating art from beach debris, making video with LEGOs, fashioning duct tape into must have wares, etc.dig into reading

STEAM-y Storytimes: Our weekly storytimes will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math (STEAM) in addition to the fun stories that exemplify this summer’s Dig Into Reading theme. For some of the programming, I’ll be partnering with some local environmental educators which we do regularly. It’ a great collaboration.  We’ll include stations that can be enjoyed by kids ages 6 and under because our audience tends to grow when siblings tag along in the summer.

Other programs we’ll also include in 2013 will be puppet shows, musician visits, and a heavy equipment show and tell.

Popular pieces we’ll be repeating this year:

StoryWalk®– We created a StoryWalk® on our library’s walking trail last year and we’ll add another once the snow is gone and the ground has thawed. We line a our trail with laminated pages from a selected picture book and families read the story as they walk. The idea was started by the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition. We include an outside reading element to our reading logs so this is beneaththesurfaceanother way to support our community’s love of reading and highlights a great picture book or two.

Nationwide Teen Library Lock-in– In a webinar last Spring I found out that a group of librarians around the US were going to connect teens online during an after hours library event for the 2nd year. What a great idea! I signed up to participate in the event and then planned our first “lock-in” to celebrate the end of the summer program. We sat in on a author visit via Skype, made FrankenToys for a Zombie themed contest, and connected with other teens in online games between libraries. We chose from multiple activities planned by the participating libraries (a la carte style) and then added other activities to our event at the local level. Libraries can do as much or as little as they want.

The planning for this year’s collaboration is now underway. Are you interested in having your library participate? Contact me or click  here to find out more.

Adult Program– We started a summer program for adults two years ago which features online record groundbreaking readskeeping (along with the teens) and a prize. We surveyed adults last year and found that the Alaskan Summers keep folks too busy for more programs and they are happy reading as part of the bigger program. We save the adult events for Wintertime.

Online reading logs for adults and teens– Two years ago we used Survey Monkey to create an archaic online reading log for participants ages 12 and up. This year we are looking at Engaged Patrons for a reading log and social space for library specific readers. Friends at the another library in the state used it last year and recommended it. What do you use for teen and adult reading logs?

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