Apps in Storytime? Yes!

Spring break has begun! No traveling for me, but I am enjoying the mental break these two weeks offer. I am psyching up for my last quarter of school which will involve one credit of independent study due to an odd numbered assortment of courses, I guess. While one credit seems a bit wacky, it’s all I need. Luckily, I get to do a great project! I will be evaluating and selecting children’s apps for storytime.

While I have included e-books in a couple of storytimes, I am interested in using more kinds of apps and figuring out what works best with my storytime families in our smallish library.  Some librarians are doing great things with apps and I think digital media can be included successfully with preparation and thoughtfulness, like any media.

I look forward to applying the use of apps to Every Child Ready to Read practices and skills, modeling how to use apps with children, and offering app-visory (a great term I’ve adopted from the librarians over at Little eLit!). I’ll add some reviews of apps I evaluate and storytime plans here.

Are you using apps in storytime? Share your experience!

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