/ˈoutˌrēCH/ Noun: The extent or length of reaching out. Verb: Reach further than. Synonyms: transcend.

Do a Google search for the definition of outreach and this is what you get. I love it. I have been excited about outreach since the moment I began working at the library.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do much of it … until now! Our summer reading program incorporates offsite events, but the year round story time has been kept at the library due to limited resources.

Last Fall, I worked with a local early childhood development group to develop a grant-funded, early literacy outreach pilot program that will allow me to take story time on the road this winter for 12 weeks (in addition to regular programs at the library), bringing early literacy programming to families in the more rural parts of our library’s large service area.  Folks from other organizations will accompany me on occasion to bring information about community services.  I’ll set up shop in three different places on a regular basis during the three month program.  One location is in the community space in a rural fire station, another in the Kindergarten class of a remote school, and the third will be at a shelter for victims of domestic violence when families are in residence.

I have the best job.


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