Hannukah and Christmas!

We have lots of kids anxious for Christmas and the holiday season at the library so I decided to celebrate a couple of the holidays a bit early. The kids were easily in the mood!

Photo Dec 12, 10 53 41 AMMost of the kids who come to story hour are very familiar with Christmas, but few know much about Hannukah. So I decided to read books about both. The Runaway Latkes was a great pick for this group. They are familiar with The Gingerbread Man , which has a similar storyline. The little ones were entranced by the sequence of the story which is nicely supported by repeated phrases as the story progresses.

After talking about Hannukah, we moved on to Christmas stories including Jingle-Jingle and Merry Christmas, Splat. Jingle-Jingle works well with a bell for sound effects and inspired the kids to read along and finish sentences for me, always a good sign! Clip-Clop, another of Nicola Smee’s books, is also a good read-aloud with the 3-5 age group.Photo Dec 12, 12 49 18 PM

The kids need a chance to move around after the stories, so we had a Christmas light scavenger hunt (an activity found in The Holiday Handbook by Barbara Scott). I cut out a paper tree and light bulbs for the activity. Kids scoured the room for hidden light bulbs and then we taped them on the tree to look like strings of lights. Every child found a light or two, so the group felt good and had fun. We followed up the hunt with a reindeer craft. I forgot to take a photo of our creations, but reindeer popsicle stick ornament photos can be found all over.

This craft they took home since our tree is now full of beautiful gingerbread ornaments from the previous week!


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